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Do you want a melt-in-the-mouth wedding cake that has all your guests going back for more?


I believe the perfect cake starts with using the very best ingredients, and you don't get much better than freshly laid eggs from happy free range hens (my not-so-secret ingredient for the perfect sponge, that has guests reminiscing about your cake for weeks after the wedding).

My sponge is so fluffy that it doesn't need wacky flavours to make it amazing - try it for yourself. However, should you wish to personalise it with a favourite of yours, please check out my other flavours.

After adopting my first three girls I was shocked at the state they were in when initially rescued from the farms. With almost no feathers and their combs (which should be bright red and upright) pale coloured and flopping over their eyes, the poor creatures were a sorry sight to behold.


It took about three months after adoption day before the hens were looking almost healthy. After spending weeks "walking on egg shells" as I crept around the coop trying not to spook them, they now have bags of confidence, and follow me round the garden like puppies. There's nothing more rewarding than feeding an enthusiastic chicken out of the palm of your hand when you've spent weeks nursing it back to health. Please take a look at the gallery below to see their amazing recovery.


So, several years and many hens later, here I am with a steady 10 eggs a day and an endless source of amusement.

Vegan cakes are also available.

A little about my girls...


After putting a lot of research into the products I was going to use to make the tastiest possible cakes, I began to discover more and more about the horrors of the modern day egg industry. 


The more I found out, the more resolved I became that I would no longer contribute to such exploitation. I decided that, in order to continue with my business, I must come up with a solution.


On researching the possibilities of adopting my own chickens, I came across the BHWT (British Hen Welfare Trust). This organisation rescues ex-battery hens from all over the country, and re-homes them to anyone with a little extra garden space and some TLC to spare.




Every cake order I receive helps me to rescue & rehabilitate more girls like Molly, giving them a happy retirement from the egg industry.


After Rescue & Recovery

Day of Adoption - Before Recovery

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